Who We Are

Silver Rose Chapter - Since 1990!

In 1990, women riders were few and far between.

Leather & Lace MC was one of very few organized clubs for women riders.

Most women riders rode with their husbands or boyfriends, or rode alone.

In southeastern Pennsylvania there were four women who rode their own and each felt that riding was a "in their blood," a huge part of their identities. They each heard about Leather & Laceand contacted them in search of friendship and acceptance. You see, only other riders could truly understand their passion.

Leather & Lace MC did not have a chapter in their area, so each was mailed an individual application. When they learned of each other, their shared passion, and their close proximity, they got together to ride. The enjoyment of meeting other women so much like themselves was immense. They immediately felt they were true sisters. And together, they could accomplish certain goals.

They formed the Silver Rose Chapter under Leather & Lace MCaccepting the guidance and leadership of the national officers and adhering to the national bylaws. They became part of a nationwide network of friendship and loyalty.

They looked for other passionate women riders; many new members came and went. Over the years there were many trials, and many more tribulations. They accomplished many goals, they met other women bikers, they traveled, they rode, and they fulfilled many dreams. There is a true sense of spirit, of SISTERHOOD, of being true to ones self and loving the life they live.

Current Officers

President -Gazoo (Media, PA)

Vice President/Treasurer -Sister Sue (Parkesburg, PA)

Original Charter Members:

Buttercup - Current National Vice President & Lifetime Member

Sister Sue - Current Vice President & Lifetime Member

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